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The blog of Cortijo El Sarmiento will be written and maintained mostly by me; I’m Yvonne, taking care of your reservations, as well as being your attendant on-site.

Yvonne, copywriter of Cortijo El Sarmiento

My better half

Contributions will come from the best husband in the world, Carsten, with observations and comments from our customer relation management team, Rodriguez and friends, our cats.


Visiting us here you are also likely to meet Reiner and Marlene, Yvonne’s parents who spend their vacations in Mojácar and than end up lending helping hands most of the time.

Good to know

Here you will find articles on Mojacar and it’s surroundings, the entire Province of Almeria, excursions and things to do, beaches, weather, food, climate

On the Spanish mainland, Andalusia is known as the most popular holiday region. Considering the versatility of the area, this does not really come as a surprise. After all, there are long sandy beaches and untouched nature. Furthermore, cities rich in history – nowhere else in Spain is the culture as distinct as here.

During the past few years, we have “experienced” Almería from one end to the other and explored this province thoroughly. Yet we keep discovering new things!

Many of our guests think it is a shame that most travel guides fail to pay this province the attention it deserves. Usually, the travel guides stop at Granada which is located at the eastern “border” of Andalusia. Sometimes our provincial capital receives a brief section, but that’s about it. Merely the province of Huelva in the west of Andalusia appears to be more forgotten than us …

Thus, we have been asked more often than once:
“You know so much … why don’t you write a travel guide yourself?”

Because of that, we have gathered everything you need to see in the province of Almería in the section “What to do in Almería”. Be assured – as soon as we discover something new, it will be added right away.

In this category, we post all of our blog articles that deal with the same topic. But they are shorter and thus easier to comprehend 🙂

“Food and drink keep body and soul together.” Or: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” These proverbs surely apply in all countries more or less alike.

However, the further you delve into the European South, the more you realize that food is not just used for ingestion and nutritional supply here.

In fact, food and drink are part of such a distinct lifestyle culture that other areas of life are often subordinated to it. Sports, television and other leisure activities are planned in accordance with the mealtimes. A lot of times, this applies to work as well.

In Spain, excellent food and drink begin with buying high-quality groceries, though. Never before have I ever encountered people who choose between different varieties of tomatoes due to the dish they plan to prepare. At least not with such devoted passion for detail 🙂

At times, we publish blog articles that are not specifically related to food and drink. Nor Andalusia’s sights, or your stay with us.

For instance, our blog post that revolved around the reasons for our emigration in “Goodbye Germany”. The article has nothing to do with the categories mentioned above. However, it still counts as a nice story. Furthermore, it has often marked the beginning of lovely conversations that we shared around our dinner table.

In future, this category will also entail blog posts on sustainability or slow tourism. And all other topics related to Spain. For instance about the Moorish history, Spanish vocabulary, or other more general subjects.