Corona and holidays:

Our 5 tips for safe travel and pleasure

5 tips for your holiday in times of Corona

I just can’t wait to go on holiday again!!! But is it safe to book my holiday for 2022/20223?

A green travel advice has been applied for Spain since spring 2022. As a result, holidaymakers will benefit from a number of reliefs.

Since spring, masks are no longer mandatory indoors. You no longer need a Corona certificate to enter the country. Check out the latest travel advice and regulations. All necessary and up-to-date information can be found at your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This spring, Spain declared Corona to be a flu. Only severe cases are now subject to registration. If you are infected with only mild symptoms, life goes on as usual.

The Spanish Corona rules are quickly explained:

Masks are still mandatory in pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Apart from that, there are no further restrictions.

All those of you who are suffering from lockdown fatigue and can only think of one thing – holidays, can get ready and start some holiday preparations.

And we have composed a list of the 5 most important tips for Corona and holidays in this blog.

Tip 1: Try to avoid crowds as much as possible, especially on public holidays.

Many regions are not so touristy yet – and therefore are much safer to visit than the tourist hotspots. Nevertheless, they also offer many attractions, such as beautiful villages, mountains, the sea or special natural spectacles. Corona offers you an opportunity to get to know these authentic, tranquil beauties that usually stay below the radar – far from the bustle of the mass tourism.

Tip 2: Book a holiday in the sun

At first, it seemed that the coronavirus, just like the normal flu virus, does not like high temperatures. Unfortunately, we are no longer so sure about that, but one thing is quite clear: the fewest transmissions occur outdoors. In a warm and sunny country like ours, you live outdoors most of the year – without the dreaded wintery thing that we call frost and always with open windows.

Tip 3: Check booking and cancellation conditions carefully.

We can only advise anyone who is planning a trip now to check the booking and cancellation conditions carefully. An accommodation that values a long and faithful relationship with its guests will always deal with this issue flexibly, as soon as the governments decide on any restrictions.

Tip 4: Decide to travel by plane instead of by car.

Most people think they are safer travelling by car. Obviously, we feel just as safe in our cars as we do in our own homes. But there is one huge reason not to go on holiday by car.

On such a long journey by car, you’ll have to make sanitary stops, eat something and stay somewhere overnight. You come into contact with lots of people in lots of places, increasing the risk of infection.

And for those who think that the air in planes might be a problem – the filter systems in planes are excellent. Since we in Western Europe fortunately no longer have to travel with some sleazy “never-come-back” airline, we can assume that the air in the plane is also much cleaner than in a restaurant or a toilet in a car park.

Tip 5: Find out about the Corona regulations and measures at your destination.

Almost every country has its own national, regional and/or local regulations. This can be very confusing. Therefore, before you leave, ask the accommodation where you have booked your holiday about the Corona measures. In our case, we are updated daily meaning that you don’t have to read 100,000 websites. We make Corona and holidays work – Just ask us!

Bonus-Tip: Stay in small accommodations

With the ubiquitous coronavirus among us, our travel patterns will certainly change. Last year, more people than ever before opted for small holiday accommodation. The reasons for this are obvious.

First, of course, it cannot be denied that the fewer people are gathered somewhere, the lower the risk of infection. A breakfast buffet with a hundred people or more in a closed room suddenly doesn’t feel right anymore. Dark, narrow corridors where you can’t get out of your way suddenly don’t add to your confidence either. But personal contact with your hosts suddenly makes you feel so much better and safer. No matter what happens and how the situation develops – they are always there for you. Your personal assistant in all situations. Which big hotel can offer that?

Because one thing’s for sure: like all the big hotel chains, the small accommodations have done their homework and have a meticulous Corona protocol, too.

Corona protocol and rules for a safe and relaxed stay at Cortijo El Sarmiento

Like many others, we at Cortijo El Sarmiento have a specified Corona hygiene protocol that goes above and beyond what is required by the government.

For example, all rooms are disinfected with ozone after guests leave – for our own safety and yours.

Here you will find all the measures we have taken to offer you a marvellous and at the same time a safe holiday during this time.

Flexible booking conditions in 2022/2023

We understand that you want to book your holiday without the risk of losing your deposit. That’s why we have adapted our payment and cancellation conditions to the Corona situation.

So for all bookings in 2022/2023, if there should be any government-imposed travel restrictions, whether in your home country or in Spain, you can simply reschedule your trip. You will keep your deposit and simply travel again when it is safe, and above all, permitted.

Keep your distance – not only upon check-in

We only have 7 rooms on our 6,000 sq ft property. We provide room for up to 14 guests. With so much space, it’s obvious that “keeping your distance” really isn’t a problem at all with us.

You only need to wear a mask on our premises if you intend to come closer than 1,5 m to us or the other guests.

However, please have a mask with you at all times, as it is compulsory to wear a mask in public areas outside the Cortijo – only inside though, or outside if you can’t keep the distance!

Mutual consideration and sufficient distance are required, e.g. in the common rooms or on stairs.

Use the Honesty Bar

A dispenser with disinfectant is always available at the entrance door to the Honesty Bar.

Before you take anything from the bar or make yourself a coffee or tea, please use enough disinfectant to clean your hands. A holiday with us without the Honesty Bar is impossible! So hygiene is even more important here than elsewhere.

Meals in times of Corona

At last, also breakfast buffets are permitted again. Needless to say that there is also danger lurking here.

So please wash your hands thoroughly before meals or use the disinfectant here as well.

Cleaning is the basis of the hygiene protocol.

We clean every day. Rooms are well ventilated during cleaning, and we pay special attention to surfaces that are frequently touched.

We also recommend leaving the windows open as often as possible and keeping the use of air conditioning to a minimum.

Every time someone leaves, we disinfect the room with an ozone machine. No bacteria or virus can escape here 🙂 .

The pool gets an extra portion of attention

Of course, our pool is available to all guests. There is enough space in and around the pool to guarantee a distance of 1,5 metres.

However, showering before entering the pool is now an important hygiene and health measure – so please do!

It is also key to use the large “protective bath towel” on the sun lounger and under your bath towel.

The furniture (sunshades, sunbeds) at the pool should be at a safe distance from each other. Therefore, do not move them unnecessarily. This is the only way to ensure that everyone keeps the necessary distance and can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

We check the water in the pool daily according to the current regulations and treat it with the necessary products. As we have to do some extra work to maintain the pool during the pandemic, unfortunately, it can only stay open until 7 pm this summer. This gives us enough time to take care of everything before dinner. And the pool is up and ready for a new day of safe and lazy recuperation.

Coronavirus and possible symptoms

We adhere to the protocols set by the government to prevent COVID-19 infection.

However, we are not responsible for the behaviour of individual guests, although we are confident that this will not become a ‘problem’. Nevertheless, if someone does not adhere to the hygiene rules, we will discuss this immediately with the person concerned. Our health is important to all of us and, after all, we all want to be able to go on holiday a little longer in a Corona-safe manner.

Despite all precautions, it is possible that you may develop a fever or symptoms of a respiratory infection (dry cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing). Please inform us immediately. We will then contact the relevant health authorities and decide together on the further course of action.

As you can see, we are well-prepared. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing, enjoyable and – above all – well-deserved holiday.

Should there be any further legal requirements, we will of course adapt our procedures immediately. This applies to all necessary changes within the current regulations.

Always up to date and well-informed

If you have any questions that we have not answered here, please email us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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