Mojácar and the 3 reasons, I will never leave

Mojácar: 3 reasons why I will never leave this place and why it’s definitely worth spending your holiday here.

Mojácar with its abundant white houses that seem to wrap themselves around the hill, its narrow and steep alleys and its labyrinthine construction bedazzle both locals and tourists. Hence, it’s hardly surprising that this little village on the Levante Almeriense is awarded for its beauty year after year. The white villages of Andalusia are widely known for their beauty, but the quaint Mojácar Pueblo simply always knows how to outscore the others with its particular charm. There are many reasons to set up shop here in Mojácar: for one thing, there’s the picturesque little old town of this little beauty spot high up on the mountain and, for another thing, there’s the proximity to the magnificent sandy beaches of Mojácar Playa. And last but not least, there’s the location by the sea with the surrounding mountains – what more could one possibly want. Not to mention the weather in Mojácar – with a few exceptions, the weather on the Costa de Almería is always fantastic and the climate mild even in winter. Well, all I can say is that it isn’t for nothing that it’s located between the Costa Tropical (tropical coast near Motril) and the Costa Calida (warm coast) near Mazarrón. Optimum preconditions, so to speak. Now then, enough of this blurb about Mojácar as a holiday resort. Villages like these are ten-a-penny across Spain. So what exactly makes Mojácar so special, then? What are the 3 reasons why I no longer want to live anywhere else?

Reason 1

One very good reason to stay forever and ever: the Andalusian country and its people

They’re called María, Jose, Elia, Ester, the other María, Juan, Pedro, Pablo and stand for the warmest and most helpful individuals I’ve ever met in my entire life. I owe it to them that our emigration to Andalusia went so smoothly. I’d say, people here are generally less capricious. Not only in the material sense, but also in their community thinking. They don’t attach too much importance to individualism here. And what’s more, they sport an enviable never say die attitude. Kudos! Whether it’s the economic crisis or Corona – even those who have only just escaped the threat of bankruptcy: as soon as the situation allows, they hitch up their knickers and – accompanied by a powerful “Anda! Vamonos” – simply muck in. If need be, they start from scratch. Moreover, you hardly ever hear people complain here. To them, it’s pointless. And even in the worst of times, as long as everyone is alive and kicking and there is enough food and wine on the table, people celebrate, laugh, discuss and just enjoy life regardless. Of course, behind closed doors, there’s bound to be some crying and moaning. But as that doesn’t get you anywhere, they hold back in public.

Another point that really stands out for us Northerners here in Andalusia is the huge cohesion. The reasons for this may be due to history or a late effect of Franco’s dictatorship, but basically the overall well-being comes first – this could be observed well, for example, after the economic crisis and during the pandemic. A funny anecdote just comes to my mind to this: the Christmas Lottery. In our family, each member would choose a different number to improve the chance of winning. Well, in Spain, all family members – even whole villages – buy tickets with the same number. Why would they do that? It’s pretty simple – either everyone wins or no one at all. This just goes to show how different the cultures are even within Europe 😀. And that’s just one small example of the country and people of Andalusia. No worries, I’ve got plenty more anecdotes in store that I’ll be happy to share with you during a glass of Cava on our terrace 😉 But to sum it up for me, it means that my top 1 reason why I don’t want to live anywhere else any more definitely is: the people.

Reason 2

Eat. Drink. Fiesta. Repeat – Almería is a true paradise for foodies

You can find good places to eat and drink everywhere in Andalusia. Each province is known for its distinct speciality: take the sherry from Jerez, the unique Ibérico ham from Huelva or the famous olive oil from Jaén. But Almería has so much more to offer. They haven’t dubbed our province the Vegetable Garden of Europe for nothing. There’s hardly a vegetable that isn’t grown here. Fruits such as citrus fruits, melons and pomegranates are harvested on a large scale, as are almonds. But the real show-stopper is and remains the tomato. Never before have I come across a region that offers so many different varieties of tomatoes – all come with a different taste and thus with a special purpose in the kitchen. If an Andalusian uses a tomato for the gazpacho, he won’t necessarily put the same tomato in a salad. Just saying. And then there’s the superb meat! Whether from the Ibérico pig, lamb or goat: it’s all sheer poetry. And if you’re not too keen on it in your home country – believe me, it tastes completely different and divine here.

What about fish? Well, fish is a no-brainer. The sea is only 5 minutes away, and it’s swarming with the best squid, many local rock fish and the Gambas Rojas de Garrucha, which are popular throughout Spain. And they’re all fished for just down the road in our neighbouring village. In our e-book you’ll find a lot more interesting, funny and, above all, mouth-watering facts about this. Whether it’s Cava, sherry, wine, gin, vermouth or brandy – the Spaniards usually don’t say no to a glass – and neither do I. A nice meal with friends or family without the right drop is just unimaginable. That about says it all! And a glass of sherry accompanied by the delicious Polverones or Mantecados that are served at Christmas in Almería – you’ll never want to set eyes on a Christmas Stollen again 😉! Come to think of it, there’s one thing that describes the Spanish gusto like no other: the gazillion spectacular fiestas up and down the country, where people come together to laugh and dance – and just enjoy life! Even a meeting with friends planned as a lunchtime meal almost always ends up in a little fiesta. Being a native Rhinelander, I definitely get my money’s worth here 😀. Our guests often hear me say that Andalusia and the Rhineland are soulmates: we’re loud, we love food and drinks, and we’re incredibly endearing.

Reason 3

The dazzling landscape – Mojácar, the village set between the sea and the mountains

There aren’t many regions in Europe where the mountains rise directly from the sea. Whether you go mountain biking, paragliding or climbing in the mountains, hiking, golfing or road cycling in the lowlands, or you seek the challenge in the sea while diving, canoeing or kite surfing. The range of activities is huge – and all that with the sun shining down on you 3,000 hours a year. Not bad ey? Want to know a little secret? In the neighbouring town Garrucha you can go flyboarding. And that’s something I really want to do next year. You know, stepping out of your comfort zone … that sort of thing … But what really wows me here is the scenery that provides the space for you to do all these great things. It just blows me away every single time, when I come home from the beach or village and see the hills behind our house. The Sierra Cabrera is just mind-blowing and changes with every season. And looking across to the Sierra María/Los Velez or the Sierra de los Filabres in the other direction – the mountains, the blue of the sky and the sea, the singing of the cicadas – I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of it.

I am genuinely “addicted” to our region on those days when we go down to the beach, to Mojácar Playa. I mean, a proper beach day! Not just to have something to eat at a Chiringuito (beach bar), but to lie in the sun, have a swim and a good read. That kind of stuff. Two hours on the beach and I feel like a new woman (or like after a week’s holiday). Totally frustrated or in a real peeve? Ooh yes, I have these moments now and again, too. But as soon as I jump into the sea, swim through the waves and blink at the sun from the water, everything’s forgiven and forgotten. My trick? I always say out loud what is bothering me and “ask” the sea to take it away with the next wave. And you know what? When I step out of the sea (admittedly, I don’t quite cut it like Halle Berry in James Bond), the problem has vanished. In this case, it’s probably not gone with the wind, but with the wave 😀. Why not give it a try – it may work for you, too. Then a bit of fresh fish and a chilled glass of white wine, joined by the chilled jazz sounds at Aku-Aku (our favourite chiringuito) – the fastest psychotherapy in the world ❤️

So, I have to say, here in Mojácar I live in a ravishingly beautiful setting full of unspoiled nature, enjoy delicious food and even tastier wine and all this with brilliant weather all year round. It can’t get any better if you ask me, and that’s why I’ll never turn my back on this beautiful spot. And whenever I get miffed at everything, I go to the sea and leave everything that’s bothering me there 😀. With this in mind, I clink glasses with you – to many more years of carefree life in Mojácar. And when we meet here in the Cortijo, I’ll be sure to tell you why this is so much better than France, which after all was the original idea.

The blog of Cortijo El Sarmiento will be written and maintained mostly by me; I’m Yvonne, taking care of your reservations, as well as being your attendant on-site.

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Als Weinliebhaber und Sonnenanbeter hat es mich – zusammen mit Carsten – im Jahr 2014 nach Andalusien verschlagen. Natürlich haben wir uns schon vorher in die Region verliebt, aber aus der Leidenschaft für die Provinz Almería und Andalusien im Allgemeinen ist irgendwann dieser Blog entstanden.

Ich bin weder professionelle Journalistin noch Schriftstellerin. Alles, was hier entsteht, kommt von Herzen, ist immer meine persönliche Meinung und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. :-)

Profis sind wir in unserem Job. Wir sind Gastgeber in unserem wunderschönen Refugium in Mojácar. Wenn ihr uns kennenlernen wollt, freuen wir uns auf euren Besuch und organisieren gerne alle Ausflüge, über die ich hier berichte. Bitte habt Verständnis dafür, dass wir diesen Service nur für Gäste anbieten können, die bei uns wohnen.

Zu unseren wunderschönen Zimmern geht es hier…

Mojácar Pueblo and blooming Jacaranda trees

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