Holiday in Andalusia

Costa de Almería … always good weather without mass-tourism

Holiday in Andalusia? Andalusia is ALWAYS worth a visit!

On the Spanish mainland, Andalusia is known as the most popular holiday region. Considering the versatility of the area, this does not really come as a surprise. After all, there are long sandy beaches and untouched nature. Furthermore, cities rich in history -nowhere else in Spain is the culture as distinct as here.

Always good weather on holiday

Furthermore, Andalusia is the warmest region in mainland Spain. This means that the holiday season is longer than anywhere else in Europe. The climate is mild all year round. Additionally, the sun bestows us with its presence almost every day. We are basically in holiday mode for almost the entire year.

Even though the Costa de Almería is not a hotspot for winter holidays, it has warm days to offer in winter. Our favourite time is by far late autumn, ranging from mid-October to the end of December. The light and colours are phenomenal at this time of year …

In December, the sea still has an average of 17 °C in December, which compares to the North Sea in June :-)

By having a look at the pictures of our hiking trip that led us to the almond trees during their flowering season in January and February, you will notice that we are wearing short-sleeved tops for the most part. If we had not just declared late autumn to be our favourite season, then that would be our absolute favourite. I realize that we start to get a bit unreliable, but sometimes you just cannot help yourself once you have begun to swoon … ;-)

Moreover, we cannot emphasize enough how diverse this region is. One can hardly imagine the lovely holiday that Andalusia has to offer.

Costa de Almería – Holidays in Andalusia without mass tourism

Of course, the renowned beach holiday still counts among the all-time favourites. Thanks to its many beaches, Andalusia provides the perfect conditions to attract tourists who seek summer, sun, sand, and sea. Andalusia’s most famous coastal area is the Costa del Sol. Especially during the summer, it can get quite crowded here. Our coast, the Costa de Almería, is notably quieter and thus preferred by people who do not enjoy spending time at overcrowded beaches. During the main season, you can still snag a front-row seat here without having to put your towels on the loungers at 6 in the morning :-)

You might have noticed that we never tire of mentioning that Andalusia also means culture. If you are eager to experience Spain, then Andalusia is the perfect destination. No other region in Spain has so many charming villages as Andalusia. And to top it all off, Andalusia also offers picturesque landscapes which provide a stunning backdrop for these villages.

Here, you will find everything you need to know about your holiday in Andalusia – or rather, your stay in the province of Almería.

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Holiday in Andalusia

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Single line drawing of a deckchair

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