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At times, we publish blog articles that are not specifically related to food and drink. Nor Andalusia’s sights, or your stay with us.

For instance, our blog post that revolved around the reasons for our emigration in “Goodbye Germany”. The article has nothing to do with the categories mentioned above. However, it still counts as a nice story. Furthermore, it has often marked the beginning of lovely conversations that we shared around our dinner table.

In future, this category will also entail blog posts on sustainability or slow tourism. And all other topics related to Spain. For instance about the Moorish history, Spanish vocabulary, or other more general subjects.

Either way, we have endless ideas that we would like to write about in the future. They are all compiled on a massive Trello board. However, if you are now thinking about something specific that you always wanted to know from someone who lives in Andalusia, then just send us a message to our inbox. And who knows?! Maybe you will read the answer to your question soon in one of our blog posts.

Whatever comes next, as long as there is only one article relating to a topic, there is no need to set up a new category for it. Thus, such blog articles will end up here in “General”.

However, if at some point we published several articles on a certain topic, there will be a designated category for it. Just to ensure this blog remains neatly arranged for you.

We wish you lots of fun reading and hope you enjoy the insight into our life in Spain. If you want to find out more, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, where you can find even more updates.

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