Adults-Only Holiday

a game-changing experience for those seeking total relaxation

What to expect from an Adults-Only Holiday: 8 lip-smacking advantages you cannot resist

Are you feeling depleted and deflated by sentences like “Muuum, where are my black jeans?” Or, “Have you got a minute, darling?” Sounds familiar? Do irritating questions like these wear you out? There are definitely days when we can take the everyday challenges – with or without a child – better than on other days.

Or there are days when we constantly seem to get the wrong end of the stick. Before you can say Jack Robinson, we make a mountain out of a molehill and – POW! – one word leads to another… Well, who cannot relate.

On days like these, we long to take time out from the everyday hustle and bustle. A change of scenery to spend a little quality time with your favourite person and wind down. Just “You and I”, because the last romantic holiday seems a lifetime ago.

Adults only holiday - 8 lip-smacking advantages you cannot resist

Don’t know what to do? Well, I have you covered.

Have you ever heard of Adults-Only Holiday?

I promise: after a romantic holiday in a couples retreat, you’ll have relaxation oozing out of every pore making everyone’s head turn.

So what exactly does it mean: Adults-Only Holiday?

Holiday in an adults-only hotel … Uhm, I bet I find yourself guessing for a moment what it actually means, right? However, the explanation couldn’t be simpler, because in an adults-only hotel there are only … you got it, adults. Okay, some adult-only hotels bend the rules and accept teens from the age of 16 up. I keep wondering if they still want to go on holiday with their mum and dad. But that’s just my two pennies worth… But, in the majority of hotels, the minimum age is 18.

On an adults-only holiday, relaxation for adults is paramount. So, it’s on the dice that at an adults-only hotel, you’ll only find things only the grown-up heart desires. I’ve compiled a list of 8 irresistible advantages of an adults-only holiday. But see for yourself, if it fits the bill for you.

Time out in an adults-only hotel – 8 tantalising advantages that have pure relaxation in mind

1) At last some quality time with your significant other

Let’s face it: Chances are, pleasure simply comes up short in the day-to-day routine. Spending time consciously with your other half, without the to-do list popping up in front of your mind’s eye, while you’re enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner. There are windows that need cleaning, and the grass needs cutting. And while you’re at it: the shed needs decluttering, too … For the next DIY-projects that are keeping you awake at night, pressing you to get done … Well? Wait, was that your sigh I could hear?

Go on, spill the beans: when was the last time you could unwind together? A romantic holiday in an adults-only hotel is perfect for dreaming and making future plans whilst you’re doing just that: winding down. From appointments to to-do lists all the way up to rush and noise: here, they sink into oblivion. The pleasure of togetherness without that nagging guilty conscience is a top priority. On an adults-only holiday, your getting away from it all is on the front burner.

2) Relax by the pool

The best bit about adults-only hotels is that you can move about as you please. Wherever you go, tranquillity will put its arms around you like a warm embrace. Whether you wish to go into seclusion on your private terrace or lazily lie on a lounger by the pool. And listen to the gentle lapping and watch the sun glisten on the water. There’s no better time to do so than on an adults-only holiday. No swimming pool toys far and wide. You can calmly do your lengths in the pool or lose yourself in the bright blue sky floating on your back.

Another advantage not to be sniffed at: having a drink with relish by the pool. Quite without the odd (disapproving) glance from parents with children, of course …

Just because you were up for it. And why ever not!

3) A relaxed read

While you’re all sprawled out on your lounger, fully absorbed in your book, one thing in particular will strike you. It’s so quiet that you can hear the chirping of the crickets and cicadas. Here at our adults-only bed and breakfast in Spain, we even go that extra mile for you. A goat herder passes our B&B for adults with his goats every day. The goats all have a bell hanging from their neck. For a short while, the ringing makes you feel like you’re on an alpine pasture. But not for long, because I can assure you: you’re not anywhere near an alpine pasture, but at the mesmerising Andalusian coast. Far away from the daily hustle and bustle.

4) Enjoy luscious food

There’s another thing at an adults-only hotel that you’ll be looking for to no avail. The obligatory kids meals, like a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets with chips or noodles with tomato sauce. You can take my word for it! So, better stop looking and start smacking your lips with relish during a fabulous dinner for grown-ups, savouring every bite of Andalusian delights that are served here. Now, does that sound tempting?

… if you want to know more about food:

5) Entertainment on an adults-only holiday

There’s no doubt: spending time with your loved ones is priceless. But more often than not, the kids dictate the entertainment programme. Days are filled with activities from learning the club dance to face painting to making balloon animals. All this at times when you would have liked to do something else.

The good news is, there’s no such thing as kids entertainment at an adults-only hotel!

On the contrary, adults-only hotels offer leisure programmes adapted to the seasons with only one thing in mind: to cater for a marvellous, relaxing holiday experience for adults, in other words, YOU! Take our adults-only bed and breakfast in Andalusia, for example. Here you’ll revel in Andalusian Nights relishing Cava, wine and tapas, take part in a Sherry Tasting or learn how to prepare the only true Gazpacho during a cookery course. You might as well give your hosts a helping hand with their own olive harvest.

A relieving massage kneads all that stress away that you may not have been able to leave behind just yet. The sauna will take care of the rest. Honestly, after that, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll be on cloud nine. And won’t come down for the entire holiday.

6) You’re in good company

It’s as certain as the sun (of which we have lots here in Andalusia) rises in the East. There’s ONE thing that you’ll miss in an adults-only hotel, what you actually won’t be missing at all: long faces. Whether from your own children or from children of other guests. Instead, you’ll be among like-minded people who, like you, are riding the wave of utter relaxation.

Just imagine yourselves chatting about the day’s adventures with an al fresco glass of wine. Either just the two of you or with other guests. Everyone is so nice and relaxed here, you’re bound to get talking easily.

7) How to spend your time – the day is yours

There’s another thing that won’t happen to you in an adults-only hotel: you won’t get disturbed in your sleep. Not from your children, and not from those in the neighbouring rooms. Instead, you can happily roll over to the other side and snuggle up to your other half.

After all, you can plan your daily activities in an adults-only hotel at a whim. Fixed meal or bed times of your little ones are a thing of the past, at least as long as you’re staying with us. In fact, whether you want to dip in the pool before breakfast or enjoy a cup of tea on your private terrace while watching the valley in front of you get kissed awake by the first rays of the sun. Whatever you choose, it’s entirely up to you.

Or your perfect day may consist of nothing else but moving from your lounger to the pool and back, over and over again … no one can veto against it or disturb you.

And as for the stress at home … Ha, that’s so far away … Not only distance-wise; you’ll have zoned out completely.

8) Activities for adults only

What are your favourite activities on holiday? I bet it’s not hanging around in the non-swimmer pool for hours or getting countless bruises in a water slide, right? On an adults-only holiday, you can do whatever you fancy – all day long.

Andalusia is multifaceted, making it the perfect fit for everybody. So, why don’t you:

  • Go on a Jeep Tour through the Desert of Tabernas
  • Go paragliding in Cabo de Gata
  • Go hiking
  • Go on a Boat trip
  • Go diving
  • Play golf on one of the many golf courses
  • Spend the day at the beach and have a drink at one of the many Chiriniguitos
  • Or unwind by the pool.

And all that without anybody throwing a tantrum in the back seat because the battery from the tablet computer has run out of power. Or because everything is so dead boooring.

Adults-Only holiday in Andalusia: where exquisite relaxation is the order of the day

Cortijo El Sarmiento - Adults only holiday

Whether you need a break from the kids, want to spend some quality time together, or just want to get away and spend time with like-minded people: an adults-only hotel offers nothing but tranquillity, relaxation, and unrestricted time for two. Could this be something for you? Why not give it a try? Here at our adults-only bed and breakfast in beautiful Andalusia. We can’t wait to welcome you.