Cycling in Mojácar

5 secrets you need to know

Cycling in Mojácar – 5 secrets you need to know

The increase of cycling in Mojácar during the last years

Whenever you try to go down to Mojácar Playa in autumn or spring you can already spot them. No, we are not talking about celebrity spotting. What you’ll spot will be lots of cyclists – from the lonely rider to massive cycling groups with support vehicles.

From year to year more and more cyclists are being spotted in our area, and here is why:
Mojácar and the surrounding area is just soooooo much better than Mallorca. Ohhh, I can hear you think “She only says that as she runs a Bed and Breakfast in Mojácar”. Well, in all honesty, that may be one of the reasons. But believe me – there are many reasons more why to choose Mojácar for your next cycling holiday. And today I’ll cut it down by just telling you the 5 main secrets you need to know as an enthusiastic cyclist who wants to enjoy some cycling in Mojácar.

And here are the 5 reasons to plan your next cycling holiday in Mojácar

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Great routes for all levels

Firstly the roads in Mojácar are so outstanding, with kilometers of great tours for all cycling „degrees“ – winding, curved, uphill, downhill, flat, and uneven. You’ll find some “flatter” routes along the coastline from Mojácar in the direction of Villaricos. For more experienced cyclists there’s a lovely climbing along the coastline going from Mojácar in the direction of Carboneras. A stunning route packed with beauty.

Or you can put the pedal to the metal by going up into the mountains of the “Sierra de los Filabres” as well as in the nature park of “Karst y Yesos”.
Wherever your fitness level is – there will be several great tours for you and your bike.

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Cycling in Mojácar all year round

Secondly, this region offers a good climate for cycling all year round. With 360 days of glorious sunshine, hardly any rain, and very comfortable temperatures, it is the perfect location for cycling tours that can last many hours. Furthermore, we enjoy much longer days, because the sun sets a lot later compared to Northern European countries. Now, how does that sound?

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Traffic? What is traffic….

Thirdly this region has so little traffic that you might be going for a ride and literally not see a soul besides maybe another cycling maniac just like you are. And this is probably, next to the better climate, the biggest advantage compared to cycling holidays in Mallorca, where traffic has become an unbearable problem in the meantime. All cyclists tell us that they feel so very safe here and as safety comes first – this is THE major PLUS for cycling in Mojácar and its surroundings.

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A stunning landscape to enjoy cycling to your heart’s content

Fourthly this region is unspoiled, with a breath-taking scenery. No package tourism, that leaves their rubbish behind, no huge concrete towers called “Hotels”, that make the streets being left in the shadow (if you have ever been to Benidorm you know what I mean). You won’t find all those beaches stuffed with masses of people that are also clogging the streets around Mojácar in their cars, blowing all of their exhausts right into your face. Truly, it will be the opposite – you can breathe deeply and relax.

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You name it – we’ve got it

The fifth and last reason for choosing Mojácar for your next cycling holiday is that everything is set up to please you and your hobby. There are several bike rental companies, where you can rent everything from E-Bike, racing bikes to Mountain bikes. They rent out, and they will help you with any problem that might occur. Furthermore, they do repairs and reveal their insider tips of stunning routes to you.

And accommodations like ours will not only offer that same service in order to support you. To make your stay unforgettable, we even offer Sauna, Massage, and special diets. We will try to meet all your requirements to keep your body going.

Check out our website for more information on your cycling holiday in Mojácar and great offers just for the right season.

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