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Surroundings & activities in Almería
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During the past few years, we have “experienced” Almería from one end to the other and explored this province thoroughly. Yet, we keep discovering new things!

Many of our guests think it is a shame that most travel guides fail to pay this province the attention it deserves. Usually, the travel guides stop at Granada, which is located at the eastern “border” of Andalusia. Sometimes our provincial capital receives a brief section, but that’s about it. Merely the province of Huelva in the west of Andalusia appears to be more forgotten than us …

Thus, we have been asked more often than once: “You know so much … why don’t you write a travel guide yourself?”

Hence, we have gathered everything you need to see in the province of Almería in the section “What to do in Almería”. Be assured – as soon as we discover something new, it will be added right away.

In this category, we post all of our blog articles that deal with the same topic. But they are shorter and thus easier to comprehend :-)

Our main topic: the Levante Almeriense

To anyone who might be wondering why we have not mentioned the western part of the province in this article yet, let me assure you: The so-called Poniente Almeriense – in other words, the region that stretches from Almería Capital to Motril, will be found here someday as well. Aguadulce, Roquetas de Mar, Berja, and Adra, with its foothills of the Sierra Nevada, have not made it onto our list yet, seeing as the drive there drags a little longer from our place. The sights there are more suited for people who have already discovered everything nearby :-)

Moreover, we need to clarify that our compilation is by no means complete. Every time we review one of our articles, something new comes to mind. It is impossible to write everything about the surroundings & activities …

But now, enjoy the journey from your sofa – and hopefully, we will welcome you soon here on-site :-)

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Surroundings & activities in Almería

Cycling in Mojácar – as much fun as on Mallorca

Mojácar and the area around us is just soooooo much better than Mallorca. Ohhh, I can hear you think “She only says that as she runs a Bed and Breakfast in Mojácar”. Well, in all honesty, that may be one of the reasons. But believe me – there are many reasons more why to choose Mojácar for your next cycling holiday. And today I’ll cut it down by just telling you the 5 main secrets you need to know as an enthusiastic cyclist who wants to enjoy some cycling in Mojácar.

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5 Top Events in Mojácar for your 2024 holiday in Spain

In Andalusia (and thus in Mojácar as well) there are lots of Fiesta’s – almost every weekend one – but we herewith present the 5 Top Events in Mojácar, you definitely shouldn’t miss this year! Usually, the good name of some Saint is used to put away a lot of beer, wine and delicious regional dishes.

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Mojácar Pueblo: the magical white village of Andalusia

Since 2003, Mojácar has officially been one of the most beautiful white villages in Spain. The village is located at the end of the Sierra Cabrera in the east of the province of Almería, on a hill about 170 metres above sea level. It is definitely a wonderful destination to spend your holidays.

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Film oasis in the desert of Tabernas
The Desert of Tabernas

After all these years, the day trip to the Tabernas Desert is still one of my favourite getaways in Spain. This is because the tour is incredibly rich in variety, and the small adventuress in me enjoys a day out in her playing field.

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Things to do in Andalusia: View of the Alhambra in Granada
Things to do in Andalusia:
Experiences far from the crowds

You’ve already been to the Costa del Sol, the Costa de la Luz and you can also tick off the classic round trip in Andalusia on your list? You’d like to see new attractions in Andalusia that you haven’t seen yet. Well, how about the province of Almería?

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view on the Alcazaba in Almería
Things to do in Almeria

We spent a long time thinking about the easiest and most concise way to get all the tourist attractions in Andalusia’s province of Almería onto one list. In the end, we mentally sat down in the car and just drove on and on while writing. In this way, we at least managed not to forget anything that lay on the way 🙂

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Food & Drink
Wines from Almería

The most famous wines are of course the sherries from the west of Andalusia, where you’ll also find most of the other wines, protected by

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Sustainable Holidays - yellow flower on rocky sea shore - Playa El Playazo, Cabo de Gata, Almería, Andalusia, Spain
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At Cortijo El Sarmiento we firmly believe that sustainable holidays are the future. Our family-owned boutique hideaway is dedicated to enhancing its eco-friendly practices and

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