Our Sauna and Spa

Sweat yourself to fitness!

A sauna is a fine thing!

Relax yourself and your body in our small but fine wellness area.

Regular sauna enthusiasts swear by its positive effects. The change from hot to cold is said to strengthen the body’s defences, get the circulation going and improve the skin. Due to the strong blood circulation, the skin is better supplied with oxygen and looks rosy and fresh.

In the Cortijo, we provide you with a Finnish sauna, the classic among the numerous sauna variants. The sauna is as natural for the Finns as the shower for us. Did you know that there are an estimated 3-4 million saunas in Finland?
And it is no wonder that it is so popular: the typical wooden cladding ensures low humidity at average temperatures of 85-95.0C and makes sweating relatively pleasant. The higher the bench, the hotter the air. A sweat phase of approx. 15 minutes with a final cooling is ideal.

What actually happens in the body during a sauna session?

The skin heats up, the vessels widen, the blood flows faster and the body temperature increases by one to two degrees.
Due to the high temperatures, blood circulation improves, the metabolism gets busy and the muscles relax.

Now it’s time to cool down because the sauna is only healthy if you give your body the appropriate cold shock after sweating.

Because of the cold water and the cooler air outside the Sauna area, the blood vessels suddenly contract, the blood pressure rises, and adrenaline is released.

In the resting phase, the heart beats slowly and evenly again and the body feels powerful and good.

This process can be repeated up to 3 times.

In a nutshell: – If you want to get a good dose of energy and breathe new strength and fresh energy into your mind, body and soul, then our Finnish sauna is the ideal start.

Peelings, scented oils and skincare …
Make sure to treat YOURSELF to some serious pampering.

Cuddle up in one of our loungers, browse through your favourite book or relax with one of our relaxation CDs and let your mind wander until you dose off …

Enjoy the sweet idleness!

woman gets massage

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